Creative thinking is not something that everyone is born with.

But contrary to popular belief – it is a skill that almost ANYONE can develop

(Provided you know where to start learning about it)

This creative thinking resource will introduce you to some fundamental concepts that you can use to stimulate innovation & excitement in your business.

Each of the four chapters contain carefully selected links to some of the Internet’s best quality blog posts on creative thinking.

You will learn:

  • What creative thinking is
  • How to stimulate creativity in your business
  • How to use creative thinking to produce innovative solutions
  • And things to avoid during the creative process

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Chapter One

What is creative thinking?

Chapter 1: What is creative thinking?

To drive innovation in your business you have to be able to come up with consistent, high quality solutions.

But how can you come up with these solutions if you aren’t capable of thinking abstractly about challenges & how they can be solved?

The reality is – If you can’t generate a variety of potential solutions to a problem…

You could be missing out on alternatives that are infinitely more valuable than the solution that initially presented itself to you.

Luckily for you – fixing this is easy (In fact… anybody can do it).

But before you learn how to use and apply powerful creative thinking techniques to your problem solving…

It’s important to learn exactly what creative thinking is – and the effects it has on your brain.

Chapter Two

How to stimulate creativity in your business

Chapter 2: How to stimulate creativity in your business

Creativity isn’t just influenced by your internal thought processes.

It’s also determined by stimuli in your environment.

That’s why its important to fist create a workspace that is conducive to creative thinking –

Before you go ahead and learn techniques that help you drive innovation.

Office environment:

Creativity is influenced by the physical space in which you work.

You can’t expect to produce exciting ideas when you work in a bland cubicle.

Structuring your environment to promote consistent innovation is the first step you need to take on your creative journey.

Team diversity:

People think differently to one another.

If you hire people that are exact replicas of one another – you get duplicate results.

Working with a diverse team means you have a huge pool of experience and expertise to tap into.

The greater the diversity of ideas – the more solutions you will be able to come up with…

And the more creative your business is perceived to be.

The balance between efficiency & creativity:

Over-emphasising efficiency will hamper your creative abilities.

Efficiency is about completing a task quickly – Creativity is about finding greater value in that task in the first place.

While efficiency is definitely something to strive for – It’s important to find a balance so that you don’t stifle innovation

Chapter Three

Creative thinking techniques that drive innovation

Chapter 3: Creative thinking techniques that drive innovation

Now it’s time for the fun stuff!

The following THREE frameworks will teach you how to unlock your creative potential –

So that you can come up with innovative solutions effectively, quickly, and consistently.

Brain Mining:

People think that in order to be creative, you have to come up with new ideas.

You can’t be innovative using old ways of thinking, right? – Wrong.

Brain mining lets you recycle old solutions, and apply them to new problems that these solutions haven’t solved before.

Psychological distancing:

Creativity is not a consistent mental state.

Sometimes your creative tendencies seem to be more pronounced.

Sometimes you struggle to conceptualise anything at all.

That’s because the context in which thinking takes place can actually influence creativity.

Here’s the crazy part.

You can trick your brain into being more creative by changing the way you mentally represent specific situations.

Positive thinking:

Positive thinking revolves around arguably the single most important psychological concept in problem solving – Cognitive restructuring.

Chapter Four

Things that kill creativity (Don’t do these)

Chapter 4: Things that kill creativity (Don’t do these!)

There are certain mental habits that will hurt your ability to be creative & innovate.

If you wan’t to be able to produce creative ideas consistently & quickly – AVOID doing the following things at all cost.

Bonus Chapter

Powerful creativity hacks

Bonus Chapter: Powerful creativity hacks

These tips don’t fall into any particular category.

But they are still hugely valuable to anybody who wants to develop their creative thinking.