Most people think the problems they face are unique to them & their business.

While it’s true that every business has a unique combination of characteristics & influences – Don’t kid yourself.

There are thousands of people just like you that encounter the exact same problems almost everyday.

And that’s a good thing.

If there are common causes of problems in almost every business – It means that they are easy to find.

(As long as you know where to look for them)

This problem solving resource pack will introduce you to a Shortcut Method that you can use to identify common business problems quickly & efficiently.

Each of the five sections contain carefully selected links to some of the Internet’s best quality blog posts.

Each post offers unique insights into how to identify & deal with the 5 most common business problems.

These common business problems are:

  • People
  • Procedures
  • Business environment
  • Resources
  • Miscommunication

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Problem #1: People

Where there are people, there are problems (It’s hardly surprising).

Too many people creates confusion & chaos – Too few stresses workflows & results in a loss of productivity.

Some people lack the skills needed to do a job effectively – Others think they’re too clever and bypass your instructions all together.

Some people are just plain lazy, malicious or ill-suited to your business.

Fortunately for you, the following articles teach you exactly what warning signs to look for when putting people to work in your business:

Problem #2: Procedures

Workflows & procedures are designed to help you achieve business objectives.

But here’s the thing.

Some procedures can be disruptive, obstructive & downright dangerous if they haven’t been thought out properly.

Ask yourself – What’s the point of implementing a procedure if its actually going to harm your business?

The insights contained in the following articles will changes the way you think about business workflows.

And shock you with horrific worst-case scenarios of what can go wrong when good design principles are ignored.

Problem #3: Business environment

“Business environment” is a broad term.

It refers to the physical space a business occupies, its organisational hierarchy & the external influences of other businesses in the industry (among other things).

This diversity of factors brings with it a certain amount of complexity.

And from this complexity stems a multitude of common business problems – each of which manifests themselves in a variety of different ways.

Problem #4: Resources

Building a business without the right resources, is like baking a cake without the right ingredients.

You’re going to get frustrated, you’re going to be disappointed & you can’t be surprised when you don’t succeed.

The truth is – good management is not only about using your resources effectively.

Its about knowing what resources you need in the first place.

And what to do when you find yourself in short supply.

Problem #5: Miscommunication

How many times have you knocked heads with somebody at work over a simple issue of miscommunication?

It’s frustrating, right?

Actually it’s a lot more than frustrating – miscommunication can have disastrous consequences for your business and its ability to perform.

If instructions are misinterpreted, tasks are inadequately defined & people are talking past one another – there is no way to control the effects this communication can have on your organisation.

The following articles reveal some of the common causes of workplace miscommunication & what you can do to avoid it.

Bonus Section: Surprising business problems (And how to fix them)

The following common business problems don’t fall into any of the previous categories.

But they are still extremely valuable for anybody who wants to hone their problem solving skills even further.